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The Masters is upon Augusta once again…so we get out of dodge. :-)   The renters are arriving on Tuesday so it’s best for my husband to have the last couple of days sans boys to get the to-do list completed.  I was excited when a past client and old high school friend contacted me about being back home at the same time and doing a session for her kids.  Not only did our visits work out, the weather decided to be beautiful!

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Lyla Rose – Augusta, GA birth photography

The moments daddy has to wait in the room alone while his wife goes to the OR to be prepped for surgery can be long.  What better way to pass the time?  Say a little prayer for your wife, children, and new baby to join and complete your family.  Beautiful words that I was fortunate to hear.

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Daddy holding his newest daughter for the first time.  Such a sweet moment.

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Lyla being reunited with mommy.  It was amazing to see her eyes open right up when she neared her mommy.

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Brother and sister ringing the bell.  Baby sister is here!

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Proud big brother and sister!

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  1. Beth Miller

    Absolutely incredible. You did an amazing job of capturing the emotional joys of that day!!!