The Taylor Family

Aren’t they gorgeous?! They are just as sweet inside as they are beautiful on the outside. I had the opportunity to see just how big each of the kid’s hearts are during our time together. The littlest of the crew LOVES…big fluffy heart LOVES trucks (and trains…and planes…pretty much all transportation). It was love at first sight when we saw the big blue bucket type truck sitting right in the middle of the spot I planned on just letting him run and play. He circled the truck and checked out each tire 50x. He even kissed the tire goodbye and told the truck he loved it. Cutest moment ever.

Blog IMG_4450 bw

The middle child found her best friend during the session. Her best friend just happened to have 8 legs…long legs. She was so incredibly upset when she heard she had to set it free.

Blog IMG_4445

The oldest child is definitely a caregiver and little mommy. She kept her brother as happy as possible by pointing to an imaginary “Elmo” and other things that he loves. She helped find her sister’s best friend that amazingly ran super fast and met us at the new spot we walked to. Isn’t it crazy how fast spiders are? 😉 I bet she helps her mommy all the time at home.

Blog IMG_4230

Blog IMG_4253

Blog IMG_4269

Blog IMG_4240

Blog IMG_4237

Blog IMG_4208 light tones more color

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11 years of wonderful – Anniversary Day!

Last year my husband and I celebrated our 10th anniversary by renewing our vows. I realized I never shared our special day! So here we go. Now we are on to year 12. Happy and still very much in love. :-) Blog Vows 2Y1A7425 3-13-14 Blog Vows 2Y1A7435 3-13-14 Blog Vows 2Y1A7438 3-13-14 Blog Vows 2Y1A7501 3-13-14 Blog Vows 2Y1A7446 3-13-14 Blog Vows 2Y1A7505 3-13-14 Blog Vows 2Y1A7509 3-13-14 Blog Vows 2Y1A7517 3-13-14 Blog Vows 2Y1A7521 3-13-14 Blog Vows 2Y1A7526 3-13-14 Blog Vows 2Y1A7529 3-13-14 Blog Vows 2Y1A7533 3-13-14 Blog Vows 2Y1A7535 3-13-14 Blog Vows 2Y1A7546 3-13-14 Blog Vows 2Y1A7564 3-13-14 Blog Vows 2Y1A7579 3-13-14 Blog Vows 2Y1A7581 3-13-14 Blog Vows 2Y1A7592 3-13-14 Blog Vows 2Y1A7622 3-13-14 Blog Vows 2Y1A7627 3-13-14 Blog Vows 2Y1A7640 3-13-14 crackle Blog Vows 2Y1A7670 3-13-14 Blog Vows NK0A6419 3-13-14

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